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River City Trucks LLC

Hotshot transport specialist

This weeks Hotshot video

            RC Trucks Vehicle Video of the week

We rent and lease trailers from 16X7 fully Hydraulic Dump trailers to 40ft low deck flat beds to 3/4 car haulers for Hotshot, we got you covered!

Welcome to

We have been transporting our own vehicles for a long time and now we can transport your vehicle or even your freight. We have spent decades growing our well known customer service in the vehicle industry and we now bring that dedication to customer service to the trucking industry. We deliver loads on time every time!

Our well vetted and trained drivers have one thing in mind when they pick up the cargo/vehicle you are waiting for and that's making sure you receive it in time and as it was shipped. Our unique system allows you to track your cargo or vehicle as it move to it's destination. The driver will text you to say the cargo or vehicle has been picked up and update along the way until it's delivery.

We are fully licensed and insured to over $1 million!


We are always looking for really great owner operators in the Hotshot industry, so give us a call, text or email if you would make a good family member.

We also sell Trucks and trailers, so if you want to get started in the Hotshot business, look no further. We have all the answers you needs and can assist your entrance into the world of Hotshot either CDL or Non-CDL.


Now, we have not stopped selling vehicles all together, but we are still specialize in the sale of Jeeps and Jeep products and have dedicated ourselves to the understanding and knowledge required to become an expert on them. If your in need of a Jeep scratch that off road itch, LOOK NO FURTHER! If you want to drive on the beach, rocks, woods or just to the soccer field, we have a Jeep to fit.

We also sell trucks of all sizes to fit your needs. From a great work truck to a Semi if you need big muscle!

All Jeeps and trucks are sold by appointment only.



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